День Святого Валентина

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Сценарій свята «День Святого Валентина»

З учнями 8-10 класів можна провести свято, присвячене дню Святого Валентина. Підготовка зайняла чимало часу. У січні учні провели анкетування вчителів та старшокласників нашої школи на тему святкування дня Святого Валентина в нашій країні. Для проведення заходу було сформовано дві команди, які отримали домашнє завдання. Учні 8-х класів беруть участь в інсценуванні. Вчителі іноземної мови та гості запрошуються в журі.

Пропонуємо вашій увазі сценарій цього заходу.

Ladies and gentlemen! Good evening! It's lovely to meet you here, at Valentine's party!

What kind of holiday is St. Valentine's Day?

St. Valentine's Day is a fairly strange holiday. It romanticizes love and the same time publicly intimate relationships. This holiday is especially unusual for Russia, where demonstration of love has long remained a taboo.

But today, as shown by opinion polls, nearly all Russians know about it (73% say they know, and 19% have heard something about it). It's quite natural that St. Valentine's Day is more popular with young people than older people.

Love! Happiness! Beauty! There are not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today you have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love, to take part in party-games, to practice the use of some pleasant words and expressions on this special occasion.

So, we begin! But first we want you to answer some questions about this holiday. Are there any volunteers?

  1. Where did St. Valentine live?

  1. In Greece

  2. In Rome

  3. In Great Britain

  1. What date is Valentine's Day?

  1. 15 th of February

  2. 14 th of February

  3. 8 th of March

  1. How do you spell 14 th?

  1. Forteenth

  2. Fourtienth

  3. Fourteenth

  1. According to a popular belief, why was St. Valentine beheaded?

  1. Because he secretly married young couples

  2. Because he ran away with Emperor Claudius's daughter

  3. Because he was always in live with someone

  1. When St. Valentine was in prison, who did he fall in love with?

  1. his prisoner's daughter

  2. his prisoner's wife

  3. his prisoner's sister

  1. The girl St. Valentine fell in love with was

  1. Deaf

  2. Blind

  3. Blind and deaf

  1. What colour is associated with St. Valentine's Day?

  1. Orange

  2. Purple

  3. Red

  1. Which Roman God is one of the symbols of St. Valentine's Day?

  1. Eros

  2. Cupid

  3. Apollo

  1. Which are the most common flowers given on St. Valentine's Day?

  1. Roses

  2. Sunflowers

  3. Snowdrops

  1. What greeting is often said on this day?

  1. Happy love lives!

  2. Good luck!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

Answer: 1b, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5a, 6b, 7c, 8b, 9a, 10c.

St. Valentine's Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in the USA and in many European countries. St. Valentine's Day has roots in several legends.

"This is the legend of how St. Valentine's Day began. When the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers, he made a law against marrying because he felt that marriage made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. But at that time there was a kind priest named Valentine. He could not agree with the emperor's decision. When he saw that young couples were truly in love, he married them secretly. "

На сцену виходять юнак і дівчина. вони падають на коліна і жестами благають священика здійснити обряд одруження. Священик виконує їх прохання.

Священик: My daughter! My son! I declare you husband and wife!

Звучить марш Мендельсона. вривається варта.

Стражник 1: Priest, you have been discovered and condemned to death!

Стражник 2: To prison! To the Tower!

Наступна сцена: священик у в'язниці. Виконується танець привидів. Входить тюремник з дочкою.

Священик: What a beautiful girl!

Тюремник: This is my daughter. She is blind! She will probably never see the light, trees, the Moon! (cries)

Священик: I'll help her by working a miracle!

Через деякий час. Дочка тюремника радіє і показує, що до неї повернувся зір.

Дівчина: I'm so grateful to you. Even in prison you, Valentine, showed your love for everyone and

restored my sight!

Священик: Unfortunately, tomorrow on February 14 I will have to die. But I'm not scared and I want to tell everybody on Earth : "I love you. I'm your Valentine. "

голос з - за лаштунків: Just before his death, on February 14, he sent her a farewell message signed "From your Valentine"

There are many other legends about how Valentine's Day started, and no one knows for sure whether any of them are true.

Now the teams are welcome to the stage! Competitions begin!

  1. "Sweet hearts"

Here are two hearts with a lot of words on them. Which words can be connected with St. Valentine's Day? Your task is to circle these words in the big heart. Start now!

  1. "Sweet words"

You know, if you want to be a good husband or a wife in the future , you should know sweet words to tell your partner . Now you should name all the words you know . One by one. (Команди називають ласкаві слова, перемагає та команда, яка набере більше очок)

  1. "Love is ...."

Well, we are speaking about love, but what do you think love is like? Now you are to answer this question! Please, continue the phrase "Love is ..."

  1. Well, you can speak about love but can you show us what love is ? So, try to pantomime these words to another team so that they can guess them . (Команди отримують сердечка з наступними словами: a heart, a flower, a letter, a guitar, a kiss, love, які вони повинні пантомімою показати іншій команді)

  2. "Message"

We 've got a message from the past. Your task is do the puzzle and read the message . You have three prompts: you may call your friend, ask the audience, and ask our jury for help.

  1. Roses, tulips and other plants with colorful blossoms. Very pretty when arranged in a bouquet! (Flowers)

  2. A special card sent on St. Valentine's Day, usually anonymous. (Valentine)

  3. A sweet brown treat that is made from cocoa powder, milk and sugar, very tasty. (Chocolate)

  4. An organ in your body that pumps blood. If you put your hand over this organ you can feel it beating! (Heart)

  5. This verb means "to make an offer of marriage", a true men will always kneel in a front of a woman before asking her to become his wife! (Propose)

  6. A jar or container that you use for displaying flowers. This is often filled with roses on St. Valentine's Day! (Vase)

  7. A person whom someone loves. This word is often used in Valentine poems:

Roses are red, I'll be your - ...

Violets are blue, If you'll be mine,

Honey's sweet All my life

And so are you. I'll be your Valentine. (sweetheart)

  1. A very strong feeling of liking someone. (Love)

  2. If a boy is completely in love with a girl, we say: "He is head over ... in love with her!" (Heels)

  3. St. Valentine's Day is celebrated during this month. (February)

  4. A man who is about to be married or just married. (Broom)

  5. A woman who is about to be married or just married. (Bride)

  6. This colour is a symbol of love. (Red)

  7. Something that is given as a gift on Valentine's Day, like a box of chocolates. (Present)

Answer: "Love Crosses All Borders".

Поки команди виконують завдання, проводяться змагання серед уболівальників.

"Find you pair" На сцену запрошуються по 10 юнаків і дівчат. Юнаки отримують блакитні сердечка з іменами відомих закоханих чоловіків. Дівчата отримують рожеві сердечка з жіночими іменами. Поки звучить музика, вони повинні знайти свою пару.

(Juliet & Romeo, Eve & Adam, Desdemona & Othello, Master & Margarita, Ophelia & Hamlet, Lady Hamilton & Admiral Nelson, Captain Grey & Assoil, etc.)

T hello_html_d495f38.gifhello_html_14fc8e21.gif eams. Well, now it's time to talk about your love. Now we need a boy from one team and a girl from the other. But the task is for boys. Dear boys, take these hearts and think of what you'll say to your sweethearts!



You know that on St. Valentine's Day people make Valentine cards and send them to each other. So, try your best and make a Valentine Card now. Use the material that you've prepared beforehand. After that you should help the mailman to deliver the mail. But, please, use only the February words!

конкурс віршів.

The teams read in turn poems devoted to the holiday.

1) I'll be your sweetheart,

If you will be mine.

All of my life

I'll be your Valentine.

2) My love is like a cabbage,

Divided into two,

The leaves I give to others,

But the heart I give to you.

3) Here's a Valentine

And this is what it's for -

To say that every day

You are loved

More and more and more!

4) The rose is red,

The violets are blue.

The honey's sweet

And so are you.

5) If you will be my Valentine,

My charming little dear,

The sun can never help but shine

Throughout the coming year.

6) If you will be my Valentine,

You'll see in all your walks

Fresh lemon drops on every twig

And peanuts on the stalks.

The teams sing a song "My Bonnie"

Поки журі підраховує бали, набрані командами, охочі беруть участь у наступному конкурсі (не оцінюються)

"Dance Hall" Take the cards and find your pair. Blue hearts are for boys and pink cards are for girls.

Pink hearts:

I want to dance with a seaman.

I want to dance with a famous actor.

I want to dance with a pilot.

I want to dance with a famous sportsman.

I want to dance with a professional dancer.

I want to dance with a multimillionaire.

I want to dance with a president.

I want to dance with a musician.

I want to dance with a sailor.

I want to dance with a lion tamer.

I want to dance with a chimney-sweep.

I want to dance with a spaceman.

I want to dance with a racing driver.

I want to dance with a deep-sea diver.

I want to dance with the prince of a far-away country.

Blue hearts:

You are a sea captain.

You are a famous actor.

You are a pilot.

You are a famous sportsman.

You are a professional dancer.

You are a multimillionaire.

You are a president.

You are a musician.

You are a sailor.

You are a lion tamer.

You are a chimney-sweep.

You are a spaceman.

You are a racing driver.

You are a deep-sea diver.

You are the prince of a far-away country.

Звучить музика, пари танцюють.

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